• Snow Angel
  • Hidden Agenda
  • The Madman's Diary
  • Secret Weekend
  • Never Forget
  • Deadly Games

Snow Angel

Julia Larsen has stepped into a nightmare. What was supposed to have been a joyous family reunion has become deadly, as she finds her parents' bloodied corpses inside their secluded mountain retreat. Julian, estranged from her husband, turns to longtime friend Matthew Hinson, a charismatic and handsome man to whom she's always been attracted. Then the unthinkable happens, as Matt is arrested for the brutal murders. Julia is the only person who believes in his innocence. But as the trial begins amid a spectacular media circus, she becomes caught in a war between passion and doubt. Has Matt been framed, or is he the brilliant killer the police claim he is? And if so, just how safe is she in his clutches?

"Fast moving! Racina spins a highly cinematic tale set against dramatic backdrops. A memorable villain who generates considerable suspense." ---Publishers Weekly

"A chilling cliff-hanger chase." ---Booklist

Hidden Agenda

Jonelle Patterson has everything a woman could want: a loving family, a beautiful home, and a solid position as a CNN correspondent. She also has something Barry Keller, the most powerful man in newsmaking, wants: an impeccable public image and enough star quality to carry them both to the most influential heights of the new millennium. With Jonelle on Keller's Network ONE team, they can make more than news -- they can make history. And they do. But her meteoric rise to success may be blinding her to someone else's ambitions. Soon Jonelle is everywhere the biggest stories are -- but the stories are too big, too many, and too deadly. As politicians, religious leaders, and celebrities are routinely targeted around her, a sinister pattern emerges -- and an unsuspecting Jonelle is the only common denominator. With more than her career hanging in the balance, television's rising star is about to be put to a most dangerous test.

"Colorful, fiendish. Good entertainment. Could be a heck of a movie." ---Publishers Weekly

"A timely story...filled with recognizable people." ---Library Journal

The Madman's Diary

The idea came from my brother Bob, who wrote a story about a Palm Springs private eye years ago, which had a terrific ending on the tram above the city. My story still takes place in Palm Springs, where I live, and also in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I often visit, and does end with a spectacular scene on that tram. There are scenes in Rockford, Illinois, Phoenix, and Princeton as well, and it ends in Venezuela, of all places. It turns out to be steeped in Southwest Indian lore and legend (fascinating stuff to research, especially the poison plants), with a psychopath who envisions himself an Indian shaman whose mission it is to protect the girl he loves from men he doesn't approve of–by murdering them. It has an ending that will really shock you. And I hope you'll beg for more!

Secret Weekend

SOME PEOPLE LIVE FOR THE WEEKEND... ONE WOMAN WILL DIE FOR IT. She has planned the perfect weekend... To persuade her boyfriend to propose, Audrey Goh kidnaps him. Her destination: the unfinished luxury apartment building that she owns on Hawaii's scenic coast -- where she will fulfill his wildest fantasies. The state-of-the-art security system will make sure no one else gets in -- or out. But someone manages to slip by the security system. Someone who has been watching -- and waiting -- for Audrey for years. He wants her all to himself. And everyone knows that three's a crowd....

"A breezy read that quickly turns into a pulse-pounding thriller... Thom Racina has written an exciting winner." ---Harriet Klausner @bookbrowser.com

"A suspense lover's dream." ---Romantic Times Magazine

Never Forget

NEVER FORGET is my "Hollywood" novel, kind of like Jackie Collins and Sidney Sheldon meet James Patterson. It is about the passionate relationship between an older woman and younger guy, and the girl who becomes part of their lives and love affair--and changes everything. It explores the dark side of desire, culminating in murder, or what can happen when love goes terribly wrong. The cover says DESIRE CAN KILL. You bet.

Deadly Games

The story has a spin to it that touches our lives in 2003. Practice Run is the name of the best selling computer game in history in the book, and the man who created it, Tyler Bryant, is the game king. Every kid on the face of the earth is addicted to it. This is one video game that even parents love because to get to the next level of play, the player must read long passages of text, and must retain what he or she reads to be able to continue. It promotes reading, education, literacy. It also does something that no one knows about... It programs kids, through subliminal imaging and steganography, to reject the notion of God and religion because, in the words of the man who created it, every atrocity since the beginning of time has been committed in the name of God, with 9/11 being the epitome in our lifetime. And he's not entirely wrong. But he's mad. And his madness prompts a truly frightening prospect: if a player is really good, he or she get to play Tyler himself, the creator of the game, online, one on one. When they win playing him, they join the Winner's Circle and get a special version of the game that is tailored toward them and their individual personalities. What the Winner's Circle game does is turn them into killers. A rabbi is pulled to his death by a student just as the subway train pulls into the platform. A girl making her confirmation pulls a gun from her little white purse and shoots a cardinal and herself. A boy hugs a preacher at the Crystal Cathedral, setting off a suicide bomb in his jacket. A boy in Egypt stabs a cleric outside a mosque. And many more. None of the murders connect; it seems they are all teens who have gone berserk. Until Quinn Roberts, the heroine of the book, who runs a foundation in DC that gives away computers to kids all over the world for educational purposes and is married to Tyler, puts together that the common denominator that the murderers share is they were all members of the Practice Run Winner's Circle. Then she must stop her husband, by Easter Sunday, when the new version of the game is released and all hell will break loose. To stop the evil, she has to enlist the aid of his younger brother--who is in prison in Arizona for hacking into the Pentagon--and it's a chase and race against time to prevent the new game from being shipped and to stop the last programmed teen, who, they believe, is out to kill the Pope. A modern day "Manchurian Candidate," it has real echoes after 9/11 and the crisis in the Catholic church and this notion of killing in the name of God, ultimately saying that no one and nothing can erase faith from our lives, that God is ultimately love, not hate. And it's a real cool thriller to boot!